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Consider Milkweed in Your Landscaping

milkweed-monarch-butterfly-habitatWhy is the milkweed plant, also called Asclepia, important when making your landscaping plans this spring? Milkweed is the required host plant used for caterpillars that grow into Monarch butterflies, a butterfly that over the years has begun to decrease in population. Pollinator plants like milkweed also play an important role in the lives of honeybees and wild bees, among other insects.

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Get the “Skinny” on Farm Fresh Milk!

Not everyone likes milk, but every “body” likes the benefits of protein, vitamins and minerals. Since Joe’s Market Basket has added Farm Fresh Milk in glass containers to our newly renovated deli area, this refreshing drink has been practically flying off of our shelves! We’re not sure if it’s the nostalgia of drinking milk out of a glass container like when we were kids, or if it’s because the milk is so much colder when stored in glass. What we DO know is there are some awesome benefits to drinking fresh milk that we wanted to remind you about. Next time you visit Market Basket in Edwardsville, maybe it makes sense to add Farm Fresh milk to your grocery list.

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Cardinals: Let’s “Get Wild” with Bird Watching

Joe’s Market Basket has America’s Favorite Professional Cardinal Bird Seed

cardinal-food-thumbWe know it’s hard to decide which bird seed is the best. You want to attract wild birds to your yard, like the beloved Cardinal, and different birds are attracted to different varieties. Market Basket can help you understand which bird seed mix is best for your bird-watching goals. Siemer Enterprises is a brand Market Basket offers and one you can trust. Known as America’s Favorite, quality ingredients are formulated specifically to attract Cardinals. Ingredients include black oil sunflower, safflower and stripe sunflower with no corn, no milo.

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The Many Faces of Mulch

There truly are many uses for mulch, whether it’s to keep weeds under control or to beautify your landscaping, mulch makes sense. If you are starting to think about updating the look of your current garden or outdoor entryway, it may be as simple as adding fresh mulch to your shopping list. Not sure about all of the benefits of mulch for your particular project? Market Basket can help!

One of the most common reasons many of our customers use mulch is to inhibit weed growth. No one likes taking time out of their busy schedules to pull weeds out of landscaping! Another reason mulch works well is that it protects your flowers and plants from drying out quickly since it’s a natural moisture retention product.

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Best Time to Plant Grass Southern Illinois | Edwardsville, Troy | Market Basket

When is the Best Time to Plant Grass in Southern Illinois?

Selling landscaping products and accessories is a main stay of our business, not only in the spring, but also in the fall. One of the most popular questions we are asked is when is the best time to plant grass in Southern Illinois? Our response to this is in mid-late August through September. Why is it important to plant grasses then? When you plant in the fall, it gives grass time to grow and mature, thereby thickening your lawn, before the harsh winter temperatures begin to take over and grass goes dormant.

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