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The Many Faces of Mulch

There truly are many uses for mulch, whether it’s to keep weeds under control or to beautify your landscaping, mulch makes sense. If you are starting to think about updating the look of your current garden or outdoor entryway, it may be as simple as adding fresh mulch to your shopping list. Not sure about all of the benefits of mulch for your particular project? Market Basket can help!

One of the most common reasons many of our customers use mulch is to inhibit weed growth. No one likes taking time out of their busy schedules to pull weeds out of landscaping! Another reason mulch works well is that it protects your flowers and plants from drying out quickly since it’s a natural moisture retention product.

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Best Time to Plant Grass Southern Illinois | Edwardsville, Troy | Market Basket

When is the Best Time to Plant Grass in Southern Illinois?

Selling landscaping products and accessories is a main stay of our business, not only in the spring, but also in the fall. One of the most popular questions we are asked is when is the best time to plant grass in Southern Illinois? Our response to this is in mid-late August through September. Why is it important to plant grasses then? When you plant in the fall, it gives grass time to grow and mature, thereby thickening your lawn, before the harsh winter temperatures begin to take over and grass goes dormant.

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Find Landscaping Plants & Supplies in at Joe’s Market Basket

Landscaping Made Easy: Trust the Experts at Market Basket

It’s summer and that means that a variety of landscaping plants and accessories are available to rejuvenate those outdoor spaces. Vibrant new perennials and annuals will brighten your plant beds by adding a fresh dash of color to your outside areas. Plants and flowers are a great addition to patio containers and can add new life to your walking paths. Landscaping accessories like lighting, brick pavers and other décor can not only create a great space, but can also enhance your front yard, entrance or backyard space. We have plenty of landscaping supplies and materials that will help you create the relaxing and welcoming feeling for which you are striving. If you feel overwhelmed by all of the options, don’t worry. That’s where the experts at Joe’s Market Basket can lend a helping hand. Because they are plant and landscaping experts, they can help you decide between the products and supplies by explaining the differences in products and performance. They will help you decide the best way to rejuvenate your current space and ensure that you have the quality landscaping supplies you need to make sure that happens.

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