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Win a $25 Gift Card...It's Easy (and FUN)!

Who doesn't like to color?

Download and print a coloring page, color it, and then share with us your work of art on Facebook! We also want to know in the comments on social media what you are looking forward to doing this spring. It will be here before we know it! You'll then be entered into winning a $25 Gift Card for Joe's Market Basket. No purchase necessary to win. Winners will be announced the first week of February.

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Too Damp for Plants? Not with these Perennials!

From flowers to ornamental grasses, it’s easy to turn a wet, hard to drain spot in your landscaping into a beautiful focus point in your yard. It doesn’t matter if you prefer brightly colored flowers or more muted tones, there are many types of plants and flowers that do quite well in soggy soil that doesn’t drain well. Check out some of these “too damp for plants” solutions to keep your landscaping looking spectacular!

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The Extraordinary Hydrangea: Not Just a Shrub

hydrangeas-in-planterMost of us can agree: the beauty and charm of a blooming hydrangea over the warmer months is unrivaled when compared to other shrubs. With large blossoms, hydrangea flowers come in a lovely variety of colors that include pinks, variations of blues, lavender, frosty whites, and even rose. It’s possible that all these colors can bloom on the same plant, which can just be breathtaking! There are many reasons to love this shrub and it’s not just because they are beautiful.

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Consider Milkweed in Your Landscaping

milkweed-monarch-butterfly-habitatWhy is the milkweed plant, also called Asclepia, important when making your landscaping plans this spring? Milkweed is the required host plant used for caterpillars that grow into Monarch butterflies, a butterfly that over the years has begun to decrease in population. Pollinator plants like milkweed also play an important role in the lives of honeybees and wild bees, among other insects.

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Get the “Skinny” on Farm Fresh Milk!

Not everyone likes milk, but every “body” likes the benefits of protein, vitamins and minerals. Since Joe’s Market Basket has added Farm Fresh Milk in glass containers to our newly renovated deli area, this refreshing drink has been practically flying off of our shelves! We’re not sure if it’s the nostalgia of drinking milk out of a glass container like when we were kids, or if it’s because the milk is so much colder when stored in glass. What we DO know is there are some awesome benefits to drinking fresh milk that we wanted to remind you about. Next time you visit Market Basket in Edwardsville, maybe it makes sense to add Farm Fresh milk to your grocery list.

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