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America’s Favorite Brand Create Backyard Traditions

America's Favorite is a premium line of specialty birdseed and mixes. Take just one look at the variety of mixes America’s Favorite has to offer and you’ll think you’ve just walked into the health food isle of the grocery store! The America’s Favorite mixes are blended with only the finest, cleanest, and freshest ingredients available. These quality products replenish bird’s depleted energy and nutrients, helping them survive the long, cold winter months.

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The Tradition of Grave Blankets

When the weather is sunny and warm, many of us will visit the gravesite where a loved one is buried carrying flowers and wreaths for placement at the site. It’s a nice way to remember a loved one and celebrate their memory. During the cold winter months, placement of a grave blanket is another beautiful way to honor a loved one’s final resting place and the décor can last all winter long.

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Treating Houseplants is Easy with Bonide

A trusted insecticidal soap since 1926, Bonide Insecticidal Soap is the choice made by plant lovers everywhere to protect their houseplants. If you have felt a chill in the air recently, you are not alone. It’s probably time to bring your favorite patio plants and hanging baskets indoors, and treating them with Bonide keeps them looking their best throughout the long winter months.

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Cardinals: Let’s “Get Wild” with Bird Watching

We know it’s hard to decide which bird seed is the best. You want to attract wild birds to your yard, like the beloved Cardinal, and different birds are attracted to different varieties. Market Basket can help you understand which bird seed mix is best for your bird-watching goals. Siemer Enterprises is a brand Market Basket offers and one you can trust. Known as America’s Favorite, quality ingredients are formulated specifically to attract Cardinals. Ingredients include black oil sunflower, safflower and stripe sunflower with no corn, no milo.

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