Best Time to Plant Grass Southern Illinois

When is the Best Time to Plant Grass in Southern Illinois?

Selling landscaping products and accessories is a main stay of our business, not only in the spring, but also in the fall. One of the most popular questions we are asked is when is the best time to plant grass in Southern Illinois? Our response to this is in mid-late August through September. Why is it important to plant grasses then? When you plant in the fall, it gives grass time to grow and mature, thereby thickening your lawn, before the harsh winter temperatures begin to take over and grass goes dormant.

Besides planting grass, this same time frame is also the best time to fertilize your yard in order to replenish nutrients that may have been used up during the summer months. It’s important to do this before it gets too cold so the roots can soak up what you are putting into the soil.

At Joe’s Market Basket, we have plenty of grass seed and turf builder to help you with this process. Be sure to look at our long list of products and let us know if you have questions about what you should apply to the lawn of your home or business. Call now for more information or visit one of our St. Louis Metro East store locations.

Tips for Fall Yard Clean Up

While you’re working in your yard, you may want to go ahead and perform some other fall clean-up activities. For example:

        If your perennials overgrew during the summer, take time to split them up and thin them out.
        If there are certain areas that you’d like to brighten up for spring, consider planting bulbs now.
        Be sure to rake leaves and remove them from landscaping. This helps prevent soil suffocation and removes places for bugs and disease to breed.
        Decorate! Now is a great time to create beautiful fall planters for your porch, decorate with straw bales, Indian corn, corn stalks and more. Joe’s Market Basket has a beautiful selection of

Fall décor

      available in our stores.

Call our Edwardsville, Troy, Godfrey or O’Fallon stores to learn more about the best time to plant grass seed, explore grass seeding, turf building and fertilizer products, tips for fall clean up and more now!

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