Cardinals: Let’s “Get Wild” with Bird Watching

Joe’s Market Basket has America’s Favorite Professional Cardinal Bird Seed

cardinal-food-thumbWe know it’s hard to decide which bird seed is the best. You want to attract wild birds to your yard, like the beloved Cardinal, and different birds are attracted to different varieties. Market Basket can help you understand which bird seed mix is best for your bird-watching goals. Siemer Enterprises is a brand Market Basket offers and one you can trust. Known as America’s Favorite, quality ingredients are formulated specifically to attract Cardinals. Ingredients include black oil sunflower, safflower and stripe sunflower with no corn, no milo.

Here’s more information on the types of seed in this particular mix.

Professional-Cardinal-closeupBlack Oil Sunflower is a popular choice for feeding and attracting Cardinals, as well as a wide variety of birds to your backyard haven. It’s rich in oil, much like the name infers, and the thin shell is easy for birds to open, especially for the smaller species. Importantly, black oil sunflower gives birds the energy they need to survive which makes this a great choice in feed.

Safflower is another favorite seed of the Cardinal. Other birds that enjoy safflower include House Finches and Mourning Doves. Did you know that Cardinals can feed easier from platform feeders? What’s good about this particular seed is that pesky squirrels don’t like it, so dinner will be saved for your Cardinals that come to dine.

Striped Sunflower is another type of seed that Cardinals enjoy and it’s used often in conjunction with other seeds. It’s a bit less expensive and can also be used in separate feeders to tempt squirrels and raccoons from your main feeders. Cardinals like Black Oil Sunflower and Safflower seeds best, but will still enjoy the benefits of eating Striped Sunflower seeds.

Joe’s Market Basket has a wide-variety of birdseed options for you, making bird watching easy! If you have more questions about birdseed, contact any one of our four Market Basket locations. You can also visit our Season Tips page on our website at

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