How to Care for Your Hydrangeas

Few flowers are as showstopping or easy to care for as hydrangeas. And, fall is the ideal time to get them planted. Here’s everything you need to know as you add these beauties to your yard.

  • Where to plant – Hydrangeas love the morning sun, but hate the afternoon heat. Look for a sheltered location with sunny mornings and shady afternoons, often found on the north or south side of your home.

  • How to plant – Dig planting holes 2 feet wider than the root ball and keep the depth consistent with the size of the ball, so your plant sits level with or just higher than the surrounding soil. Create a slight mound to help increase water drainage away from the base of the plant.

  • How to water – All hydrangea varieties will benefit from constant moisture. During the growing season, water at a rate of 1 inch per week. Deeply water three times a week to encourage root growth. Add mulch to help keep the soil moist and cool between waterings.

  • How to fertilize – Apply fertilizer based on your specific hydrangeas. Each variety has different needs and for some cultivars, you can control the color by adjusting the soil’s pH with minerals like aluminum and limestone.

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