Consider Milkweed in Your Landscaping

milkweed-monarch-butterfly-habitatWhy is the milkweed plant, also called Asclepia, important when making your landscaping plans this spring? Milkweed is the required host plant used for caterpillars that grow into Monarch butterflies, a butterfly that over the years has begun to decrease in population. Pollinator plants like milkweed also play an important role in the lives of honeybees and wild bees, among other insects.

Are you wanting to incorporate milkweed into your landscaping, adding a natural look to your foliage while helping in conservation efforts? Milkweed is a great option! By planting a little bit of milkweed, you are assisting in the area’s restoration efforts while getting to enjoy the peaceful beauty of the Monarch butterfly. If you aren’t sure what type of milkweed is best for your region, Joe’s Market Basket can help. The plants we carry include Incarnate, Soul mate and Tuberosa.

milkweed-monarch-butterfly-habitat-2There are also many online resources available to help you find the best milkweed for your particular area. Contact Joe’s Market Basket today for more information on the different milkweed plants we offer and get ready to enjoy a beautiful butterfly habitat in your own backyard!

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