Creating a Backyard Oasis

The Ultimate Guide to Creating the Backyard Oasis of Your Dreams
Summer is a stone’s throw away and we know designing, planning, and executing your dreams of transforming your outdoor space into a relaxing oasis can sometimes seem overwhelming. However, Joe’s Market Basket has all the tools you need to conquer this seemingly insurmountable goal. Look no further for ideas to turn your space into a tailor-made haven for you and your family’s specific needs and wants this summer.

Designing your Activity Zones
A great way to make your yard a functioning oasis is by zoning areas off. Different zones in your yard create a streamlined plan for how you will utilize your yard space. Breaking up the landscape with different materials such as brick, flagstone, or pebbles are some ideas that pair well with grass or plants. The goal here is for each area to have a separate feel and purpose. You can even use screens, lattice, or denser plants to add privacy and break apart spaces for a more calm, secluded feel. Don’t forget to carve out a shaded space to relax and rejuvenate after all the hard work is done!

Put Yourself on a Good Path
One of the ways to make your whole yard connect and flow is through neat pathways. They provide the blueprint for how to navigate the zones you’ve set up. In addition to being a “guide” for visitors, they can add total charisma to your surroundings. Pathways can get as creative as you will allow, be they straight, winding, spiraling, or made of mulch, stone, or brick. The point is they invite exploration and appreciation.

Create Space with a Vertical Garden
If your yard is short on space, try making up for it with a vertical garden. Old wooden pallets make great cheap bases for these or grab some wall-mounted containers. Other fun ideas are living herb walls, using old gutters as planters hooked onto your fence, or trellises with flowers or vining plants. Drawing the eye upwards creates the illusion of a more spacious yard.

Set the Stage
Regardless of where or how you set up sitting and relaxing areas, it’s important that they function well, look nice, and are accommodating, both for you and your guests. Key ways to accomplish this are by using tough, outdoor materials that can withstand the weather and eye-catching decorative planters and pots. Potted tropical plants are the easiest and quickest way to give your yard a dramatic “vacation vibe.”

Joe’s Market Basket carries a wide assortment of these plants direct from Florida. Visit any of our five Joe’s Market Basket locations to purchase the plants and accessories you need to build your next outdoor oasis.

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