Help Your Garden Survive Summer

Summer is here, and temperatures are rising. Help your plants survive the summer heat with these simple steps:

  • Mulch – Mulch is the first line of defense against hot weather and wind that can dry the surface of soil. Apply a liberal layer of mulch, ideally a reflective mulch like dry grass clippings, to keep the soil surface cool and moist.

    Water Early – Heat dries soil quickly, dehydrating shallow roots while leaves lose water, so make sure your plants are thoroughly watered. The ideal time to water is early in the morning to minimize evaporation and keep the water at an easily-absorbable temperature.

    Add Shade – Shade cloths offer partial and temporary protection from the sun. They come in a variety of sizes and shade factors (the degree of blocked light). Sensitive plants like salad greens may require 50-60% shade factors, while more heat tolerant plants like squash and beans may only need 30%.

    Keep Grass Tall – Taller grass casts longer shadows, and the added shade helps soil retain moisture. So try to keep grass at least three inches tall to keep the ground moist.

    With these tips, and the right tools, your garden will beat the heat and stay lively this season. Stop by Joe’s Market Basket for all of your outdoor needs this summer.

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