Houseplants Get a Holiday

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The third week of September is National Indoor Plant Week (NIPW). It’s a perfect time to bring houseplants in from the outdoor decks and patios, putting an end to your plant’s “summer vacation”. In the fall, outdoor gardens are winding down and all of us end up spending a little more time indoors. Sending a college kid off to school? A houseplant is a perfect going away gift!

Watering your plants.

It’s true: most plants need less water during winter. Don't wait until the leaves drop or start to dry before watering. Different plants have different watering needs, so pay attention to their specific requirements. Own drought tolerant cacti or other succulents? They might not need much watering at all.

Try this watering trick.

Place your plants on or near a tray of water. Just don't let the plants sit in the water. Raise the bottom of the pots above the water level by placing decorative rocks or stones in the water (higher than the water level) and sit the pots on the stones.

Let the sunshine in!

The sun isn’t as intense during the winter months, so it’s important to rotate the pots when you water them so that all sides of your plant get some sun, keeping the plants growing evenly.

Take a break from fertilizer.

Plants don’t need fertilizer during the winter months. It upsets their natural cycle, so hold off on any fertilizers until early spring. Start to see signs of new growth? It’s ok to let the fertilization resume again!

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