How Houseplants Can Help With the Winter Blues

When the weather changes to the dull, drudgery of winter, it can sure be hard to motivate! Fewer sunlit hours in the day, coupled with less chance to get outdoors can make for the perfect storm to blow in seasonal depression. However, bringing the outdoors inside may just do the trick to chase off that “blah” feeling.

Some say the more green plants you have around to catch your eye in the colder months, the better. We here at Joe’s Market Basket sure do! The bright color of houseplant leaves is known to be a mood booster, and tending to plants located by windows has the added benefit of soaking up the sun’s Vitamin D, another known mood booster.

We carry an extensive variety of flowers and plants to purchase. Ferns, spider plants, cacti, lilies, and succulents are all great options when choosing your new “plant plan.” Aside from soothing a sour mood, live plants most definitely provide many other benefits such as lowering blood pressure, reducing stress, connecting us to nature; even improving our air quality and removing foreign particles and toxins around us. Come visit one of our five Joe’s Market Basket locations to begin your new wintertime plant renovation.

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