How to Choose Your Perfect Encore® Azalea Color Palette

If you are looking for a bright, colorful way to liven up your landscape this spring, consider the hardy and long-lasting Encore® Azalea series. Choosing a color scheme may seem daunting, with 31 varieties to choose from, but you are sure to find complimentary shades that perfectly reflect your personality and the style of your home.

If you are looking to establish a cool, more subdued landscape, consider any of the three purple Encore® Azaleas. Autumn Lilac™, a dwarf variety of azalea, has a lavender bloom. Autumn Amethyst™ has a more intermediate sized bloom, with hints of pink in its purple hue. Lastly, Autumn Royalty™, another intermediate sized option, was voted “Azalea of the Year” by the American Rhododendron Society, and are coveted by gardeners everywhere.

For a traditional, classic look, an array of pink Encore® Azaleas are available – 13 varieties to be exact. From pastel to hot pink to coral, you are sure to love these delicate beauties. A fan favorite is the double-ruffled Autumn Rouge™, also known as the original Encore® Azalea.

Looking to warm up your landscape? Go for a red/orange color palette. Six varieties of red Encore® Azaleas are available, in hues of blue-reds to orange-reds. Autumn Fire™, while a dwarf variety, boasts a rich, true red color with semi-double blooms. If you’re looking for more of an orange-red color, Autumn Bravo™ have gorgeous 2” blooms with dark green foliage for contrast.

Speaking of contrast, don’t forget to add variety to your mix of vivid blooms. Choose any of the four white Encore® Azaleas to add a touch of elegance to your garden. Autumn Lily™ is perhaps one of the most cold-hardy of the Encore® Azalea varieties, and is perfect for mass and foundation plantings. Meanwhile, Autumn Ivory™ is a compact grower, bursting with large quantities of blooms in the spring, summer, and fall. Being a dwarf variety, this is a fantastic choice for containers or foundation plantings.

No matter your style, personal taste, or yard size, there is almost definitely an Encore® Azalea variety for you. For more information about caring for these colorful flowers, visit your local Joe’s Market Basket stores located in Edwardsville, Godfrey, Troy and O’Fallon, or St. Peters, MO. You can also visit us online at

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