Landscaping for Privacy

How to Create Privacy in Your Landscaping
When it comes to creating the ideal outdoor oasis, there’s a good chance you want your space to be private where you can feel comfortable while enjoying the perfect area you’ve built. Luckily, through gardening techniques and the use of many different materials, you can find the best way to make your outdoor space the place of your dreams.

Combination of Hardscaping and Landscaping
While an old-fashioned privacy fence is a good option, some might feel it is a little boring and too similar to what most people do in their backyard. A way to make your oasis stand out from others while still creating privacy is by combining materials like fences or walls with plants.

Instead of a tall structure, you can put in a fence or wall just a few feet tall and top it off with shrubs, grasses, or trees. The combination of hardscape and landscape materials creates a visually appealing contrast while providing privacy at the same time.

Another good option is to abandon the idea of a fence altogether and use trees. The important thing to know is what trees grow best in your area and the type of coverage you want all year. Some trees will shed their leaves in the winter, while others will provide cover throughout the entire year.

Different species of trees also have different heights, meaning you can opt for complete privacy with taller trees, or you can use shorter trees to give your oasis protection without feeling completely enclosed.

Hedges and shrubs are a staple in creating privacy in backyards. When it comes to hedges, you can decide how much to trim them and what shape you want them to take in your oasis. Known as an alive and growing fence, hedges provide a natural look while giving you the option for a formal look, with constant trimming, or a more natural look with allowed periods of growth.

Just like trees, it’s important to know what kind of hedge plant you have and whether it will provide privacy all year or whether it will lose its leaves at certain times. You can also get hedges that are low maintenance throughout the year for an easy privacy plant.

Ornamental Grasses
Ornamental grasses are versatile and can provide many different textures and colors in your perfect oasis. Ornamental grasses grow at different heights and in many different shapes, meaning you can choose how much privacy you want in your yard. Ornamental grasses also complement other privacy creators well and act as good edge setters, meaning they can help add extra privacy along with trees, hedges, and fences.

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