Find Landscaping Plants & Supplies in at Joe’s Market Basket

Landscaping Made Easy: Trust the Experts at Market Basket

It’s summer and that means that a variety of landscaping plants and accessories are available to rejuvenate those outdoor spaces. Vibrant new perennials and annuals will brighten your plant beds by adding a fresh dash of color to your outside areas. Plants and flowers are a great addition to patio containers and can add new life to your walking paths. Landscaping accessories like lighting, brick pavers and other décor can not only create a great space, but can also enhance your front yard, entrance or backyard space. We have plenty of landscaping supplies and materials that will help you create the relaxing and welcoming feeling for which you are striving. If you feel overwhelmed by all of the options, don’t worry. That’s where the experts at Joe’s Market Basket can lend a helping hand. Because they are plant and landscaping experts, they can help you decide between the products and supplies by explaining the differences in products and performance. They will help you decide the best way to rejuvenate your current space and ensure that you have the quality landscaping supplies you need to make sure that happens.

Speaking of landscaping supplies and accessories, did you know that Market Basket offers custom potted plants at all of our locations? With containers in all sizes, you can either purchase or provide us with the planter of your choice, and we’ll help select the best, most beautiful options available. Whether located on a deck, patio or mixed in with decorative rocks, containers are one of the best ways to showcase your favorite plants since they are easy to care for and maintain. Joe’s Market Basket also offers tree selection and tree planting services, delivery included. Not sure what to do with that spot in your backyard? Contact one of our landscaping professionals and we’ll help you with a plan to help you get your DIY project started.

We want to help make your landscaping projects as easy as possible, so we also deliver mulch, rock, soil, pavers, stones and more right to your front door. If you’re not sure how much mulch or topsoil you need, ask any of our friendly associates or get recommendations directly from our website.

Any of our landscape nursery associates are happy to help you decide which beautiful landscaping plants and accessories will work best for your DIY projects, big or small. Visit any one of our locations in Edwardsville, O’Fallon, Godfrey or Troy, Illinois and you’ll see why Joe’s Market Basket is the preferred landscape products and services destination since 1971.

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