Make the Most of Perennials in the Midwest

All of us at Joe’s Market Basket are excited to celebrate perennials! Although perennials are any plants that bloom for more than two seasons, including trees and shrubs, when most people hear the term, they think of smaller flowers that bloom for many seasons. Perennials are great because they do not have to be purchased and planted every year. But, it is important for gardeners in the Midwest to plant perennials that can handle the crazy weather thrown at our area. Each perennial is different, so choosing the right ones for your yard is essential to your yard’s success!

If you want a perennial that blooms early in the spring, look no further than the lenten rose. These small flowers can withstand those Midwestern winters that never seem to end. They are also shade lovers, so they grow best beneath a patio or overhang. Allium flowers are another beautiful perennial that can be planted in the shade. Their tall, pom-pom shape blooms and leafless stems look great next to hosta bushes.

For full sun areas, consider planting black-eyed Susans, hardy geraniums or sedums. Black-eyed Susans are late bloomers that can give your backyard a great pop of yellow from late-summer into fall. The short, apple-scented hardy geraniums begin showing flowers in June, which turn to a beautiful burgundy color in autumn. Sedums produce a broccoli-like bloom in mid-summer, which opens to a beautiful, large pink flower later in the summer. By the fall, sedums flowers fade to a deep shade of red. None of these three plants require much water, so they are the perfect flowers to plant in the part of your yard that is farthest from the waterspout (or that you like watering the least).

The experienced staff at Joe’s Market Basket can help you find the ideal perennials for your yard. We know which plants thrive in which areas and what plants look best together. Come visit our greenhouses in Edwardsville, Godfrey, O’Fallon and Troy, IL as well as our new location in St. Peters, MO. Let us help you create the landscape of your dreams! Call us at (618) 656-9055 or visit us online at

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