Pollinator Plants

Pollinator Plants
Pollinators are important to us for a plethora of reasons, including providing food, maintaining a healthy ecosystem and helping the economy. A great way to support those pollinators that do so much for us is by planting pollinator-friendly plants to keep them happy and healthy.

Bee Balm
It’s all in the name when it comes to bee balm. This beautiful flower attracts bees, of course, but it also brings butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden to create a wonderful scene for nature lovers.

Bee balms are perennial, meaning they’ll bring bees and butterflies to your garden for years down the road. The tubular blooms boast sweet nectar, making them a hit.

Butterflies of all species love the sweetness of coneflowers, and the vibrant blooms come in a variety of colors to add pop to your pollinator garden. Another perennial, coneflowers also bring bees and songbirds to your yard.

Coneflowers make a striking picture when planted in mass together, making them the perfect flower to mix and match between all the possible colors.

Goldenrod is a do-it-all plant when it comes to attracting pollinators, bringing all types of bees to your garden along with butterflies, beetles and many other insects.

Goldenrod’s bright yellow blooms add eye-catching color to your yard while making your oasis into a wildlife haven, even in the winter.

Milkweed is famous for its crucial support of monarch butterflies and their caterpillars, milkweed being the only source of food for the soon-to-be monarchs.

Beyond butterflies, milkweed is known for attracting a tremendous amount of different insects to your yard, including bees that use milkweed’s bundles of pollen to continue their work.

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