Prepare Your Lawn for Fall

The seasons are changing, and many of our outdoor plants, including our grass, are getting ready to go dormant for the winter. Help them along in their journey by keeping up your lawn maintenance, following the steps below, this fall:

  • Keep Mowing – Grass doesn’t stop growing until it frosts over in the winter, so keep cutting it at its normal height until then.
  • Rake Often – Fallen leaves block sunlight from reaching your grass and getting it the nutrients it needs. The moisture can also lead to fungi. Raking weekly will help get rid of the leaves from your trees as well as the ones that blow over from your neighbors’ yards.
  • Aerate? – Now is the time to consider aeration. Aeration will help nutrients reach the grassroots and refresh them after a tough summer, fortifying them for spring.
  • Fertilize – Fall is the most important time of year to fertilize for a healthy yard. Use a nitrogen-rich fertilizer to keep your grass happy and strong for the seasons to come.
  • Seed – Now is also the time to seed to fill any bare or burned grass spots that may have appeared over the summer. Keep in mind, seeds that don't touch the soil won’t germinate, so make sure to cover the grass thoroughly.

A lush spring lawn will be the reward for your work maintaining it this fall. Stop by your local Joe’s Market Basket to find everything your yard needs this fall and beyond.

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