The 2020 Perennial Plant of the Year Revealed

Large and vibrant, the 2020 Perennial Plant of the Year is the Aralia Sun King. This colorful plant can brighten up shady spots in a landscape. Every year, the Perennial Plant Association reveals their pick for the following year. The Aralia Sun King was revealed during the PPA National Symposium in Chicago last August. ‘Sun King’ is a fast-growing perennial that is hardy to USDA Zone 3. Ever wonder why the Perennial Plant of the Year® began?

The Perennial Plant of the Year® program started in 1990 with a goal of showcasing a perennial that offers impressive characteristics. Homeowners and plant lovers alike appreciate perennials for their many benefits: often low in maintenance, high in versatility and ability to grow in different climates. Nominations for the Perennial of the Year typically need to also satisfy criteria to include pest and disease resistance, availability in the year of being promoted, and multiple seasons of ornamental interest.

Although this year’s perennial is better suited for northern climates, there are other perennials that offer the same convenience and beauty that can transform your landscape. From hostas to astilbe, it’s wonderful to find a perennial plant that can transition during the different months, with color variation and flowers. Most perennials are hardy in zones 4-9 and can take a little more sun when planted in northern states. Aster is also a hardy perennial that likes full sun to light shade, relatively easy to grow and maintain. And, of course, there’s the shade loving Azalea, with spectacular blooms in many varieties.

Joe’s Market Basket will be offering a huge selection of perennials as spring planting approaches. Want to add a little pizzazz to your outdoor spaces? We can help you decide which plants are best suited for your particular landscape. Visit our website at or give us a call at any one of our five locations in Troy, Edwardsville, O’Fallon, Godfrey and St. Peters, Missouri (opening next month). We look forward to helping you create the landscape of your dreams!

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