The Extraordinary Hydrangea: Not Just a Shrub

hydrangeas-in-planterMost of us can agree: the beauty and charm of a blooming hydrangea over the warmer months is unrivaled when compared to other shrubs. With large blossoms, hydrangea flowers come in a lovely variety of colors that include pinks, variations of blues, lavender, frosty whites, and even rose. It’s possible that all these colors can bloom on the same plant, which can just be breathtaking! There are many reasons to love this shrub and it’s not just because they are beautiful.

Hydrangeas do well in different types of soil. They are also easy to cultivate if you happen to be a homeowner lacking a “green thumb”. Like other types of shrubs, hydrangeas do best in richer soils, but you can always add compost when in doubt. If you have a spot with full sun in the morning but shade in the afternoon, hydrangeas may be the perfect shrub for your application. Spring is one of the best times to plant hydrangeas, and Joe’s Market Basket is proud to offer the largest selection in the Metro-East area including Edwardsville, Troy, and Belleville with new selections arriving daily. We love hydrangeas because they work well in different landscapes, including borders. Our customers ask us can you plant a hydrangea in a pot? Absolutely! Hydrangeas even work well when planting in groups too. Any one of the Market Basket staff members can help you select the perfect hydrangea for you!

hydrangeas-in-landscapingOnce you’re ready to plant your beautiful, new hydrangeas, here are some tips to consider, giving your plant the best start at their new home. Keep hydrangeas hydrated in the first year or two (or after a draught) to prevent the leaves from wilting. It’s also a good idea to space the plant between 3 - 10 feet when planting. The hole should be as deep as the root ball and at least 2 or 3 times as wide. Set that plant in the hole, fill it half full with soil and then water. Once the water has drained, you can fill the rest of the hole with the soil.

Not sure which variety is the best for you or if you’re looking for hydrangea garden ideas, Joe’s Market Basket is here to help! Stop by any one of our four convenient locations in Edwardsville, O’Fallon, Godfrey or Troy or give us a call at (618) 656-9055 if you have questions. You can also find us online at Spring is here so let’s get planting!

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