The Many Faces of Mulch

There truly are many uses for mulch, whether it’s to keep weeds under control or to beautify your landscaping, mulch makes sense. If you are starting to think about updating the look of your current garden or outdoor entryway, it may be as simple as adding fresh mulch to your shopping list. Not sure about all of the benefits of mulch for your particular project? Market Basket can help!

One of the most common reasons many of our customers use mulch is to inhibit weed growth. No one likes taking time out of their busy schedules to pull weeds out of landscaping! Another reason mulch works well is that it protects your flowers and plants from drying out quickly since it’s a natural moisture retention product.

Also protecting plants from the cold or hot weather, mulch does well to cool those roots on hot days and protect when it frosts. Mulch also breaks down over time adding nutrients to the soil. Another nice “perk” for your plants!

Joe’s Market Basket offers different varieties of mulch in several colors, either in bulk or in bags. Be sure to ask about delivery options for those big jobs too! One of the Market Basket team members can also help you decide how much mulch you need for the area you want to landscape. With many Market Basket locations to choose from, there’s always an expert close by to answer your landscaping and mulching questions.

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