Too Damp for Plants? Not with these Perennials!

From flowers to ornamental grasses, it’s easy to turn a wet, hard to drain spot in your landscaping into a beautiful focus point in your yard. It doesn’t matter if you prefer brightly colored flowers or more muted tones, there are many types of plants and flowers that do quite well in soggy soil that doesn’t drain well. Check out some of these “too damp for plants” solutions to keep your landscaping looking spectacular!


Turtlehead. With an unusual shaped flower similar to the head of a snapping turtle, it’s sure to impress! A great choice for heavy, wet soils, this perennial forms colonies of brightly pink, rose or white flowers from summer into fall. Grows best in shade but does fine with some sun as well.

Joe-Pye Weed. Want to attract butterflies? These rosy blossoms will do the trick! Works well as a late summer border, this 6 foot tall plant is not one to be missed.

Cardinal Flower. So many of us love hummingbirds - and they can’t resist the Cardinal Flower. This North American native plant loves water and is great for water features in your landscaping.

Japanese Primrose. Blooms in spring, this perennial offers almost two feet tall clusters of colors that include pink, magenta, white or red on long stalks.

Spiderwort. Very adaptable, it can also thrive in drier soils. Also called “Sweet Kate”, this eye- catching perennial has neon yellow-green leaves with bright blue blossoms.

Hydrangea. Our customers and gardeners everywhere love hydrangeas, and this loved plant does great in soil with a lot of moisture.

Swamp Milkweed. Even though the name may be contradictory, this plant also does well in drier landscape sites. Also remember that milkweed attracts monarch butterflies (and sightings have slowly been declining in our area).

Hardy Hibiscus. Want some drama in your yard? These large blooms last all summer. An easy to care for perennial, this hardy plant is beautiful and resilient.

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