Why You Should Use Rock

Grass, Vines, low-growing shrubs, wood chips, even recycled rubber strips – the options for ground cover in your yard are extensive, but many people are benefiting from the perks of rock landscaping.

  1. Easy Maintenance - Unlike a lawn, you’ll never have to mow, water or apply fertilizer to a rock landscape. All rock requires is very scarce raking or weeding if leaves accumulate or weeds sprout. It’s hard to beat maintenance this simple.
  2. Anti-Pests - Organic mulches like wood chips can be a haven for termites – and no one wants them anywhere near their house. Rock is much less hospital to the destructive critters.
  3. Long-Lasting - Grass, vines and other growing ground covers often fall victim to kids, pets and adults who walk through them. Rock can handle rough treatment and heavy foot traffic. Rock also stays tough throughout the elements, unlike wood chips and other organic mulch that starts to break down as soon as it's exposed to the sun, wind and rain.
  4. Endless Options - Visiting a good rock supply business, like Joe’s Market Basket, you’ll find an expansive range of rock landscaping options including fine-grained products, river rocks, large boulders and everything in-between.
  5. Improved Drainage - While water pools up in most types of soil, it moves freely through rock pathways to avoid puddling.
  6. Cost Conscious - With a rock landscape, you save money on gas and repairs for your lawnmower, fertilizer and many other costs other landscaping options incur.

Ready for rock? Visit your local Joe’s Market Basket or our website to shop our wide range of rock options. We also offer simple, professional bulk delivery to help your landscaping designs come to life.

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