Win a $25 Gift Card...It's Easy (and FUN)!

Who doesn't like to color?

Download and print a coloring page, color it, and then share with us your work of art on Facebook! We also want to know in the comments on social media what you are looking forward to doing this spring. It will be here before we know it! You'll then be entered into winning a $25 Gift Card for Joe's Market Basket. No purchase necessary to win. Winners will be announced the first week of February.

Stay warm and start coloring!


butterfly dreams

Butterfly Dreams

Featuring: Purple Coneflower Echinacea, Happy Lights Hollyhock, and Indian Spring Hollyhock.
pdfDownload PDF Coloring Page489.88 KB


caprese salad

Caprese Salad

Featuring: Italian Genovese Basil, Supremo Bush Tomato, Artisan Tiger Stripes Cherry Tomato, Cherokee Purple Pole Tomato.
pdfDownload PDF Coloring Page179.95 KB


colorful harvest

Colorful Harvest

Featuring: Corsican Violet, Sweet Dumpling Winter Squash, Marjoram.
pdfDownload PDF Coloring Page169.59 KB


super food

Superfood for a Super You

Featuring: Superfood Baby Greens
pdfDownload PDF Coloring Page96.39 KB


might microgreen

The Mighty Microgreen

Featuring: Upland Dress Microgreens.
pdfDownload PDF Coloring Page95.11 KB


veggie superstars

Veggie Superstars

Featuring: Detroit Dark Red Beet, Ruby Red/Rhubarb Swiss Chard, Ancho/Poblano Chile Pepper, Italian Dark Green Flat Parsley.
pdfDownload PDF Coloring Page540.89 KB

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