Enjoy More Color and Less Deadheading with Bloomify™ Lantanas!

Everyone has heard of daisies, roses, and petunias, but this week’s product spotlight goes to Bloomify™ Lantanas! This colorful, flowering plant is a hard worker – thriving in conditions with little moisture and full, unyielding sun. To give the lantana the recognition it deserves, Market Basket offers these growing and maintenance tips.

Bloomify™ Lantanas are the perfect choice for sprucing up that area of your garden that gets a bit too much sun, or has soil too dry to for anything else to thrive in. These verbena-like plants are very tolerant of many soil conditions, though they prefer dry soil that is slightly acidic. Here’s a quick tip: you can raise the pH level of your soil by adding Miracle-Gro!

Plant your Bloomify™ Lantana in the spring, once all threats of cold weather have ceased. Newly planted lantanas require frequent watering, however, once established, these diligent flowers require little maintenance. If you are having trouble with your lantana blooming, there could be several culprits to blame. Firstly, be sure your plant isn’t getting too much shade or water. Lantanas need at least six hours of full sun a day to bloom properly. If you are still having trouble, check the underside of its leaves for tiny insects. Lacewing insects can inhibit the plant from blooming, but can be eradicated with insecticidal soap.

If you are looking for an eye-catching flower to attract birds, bees, and butterflies, look no further! Lantanas are extremely popular with pollinators, offering an abundance of nectar in their relatively small blooms. Speaking of blooms, Bloomify™ plants are all sterile, meaning they won’t stop flowering at the height of summer. While the lantana is admired for their extended blooming time, once the blooms have fully aged they will simply fall off, saving you the time of having to snip them off.

Check out these hardy, gorgeous flowers today to get your garden ready for spring! For more information about Bloomify™ Lantanas, or other species of plants, visit your local Joe’s Market Basket stores located in Edwardsville, Godfrey, Troy and O’Fallon, or visit www.joesmarketbasket.com.