Improve your Soil with a Top-Notch Organic Fertilizer

If you are looking for a truly all-purpose organic fertilizer, look no further than Milorganite. This organic-nitrogen fertilizer can be used safely on lawns, flowers, vegetables, shrubs, trees and as a carrier when spreading grass seed. Know what else? It doesn’t burn plants so you don’t have to worry about streaking or stripes or accidentally burning your lawn. You also don’t need to water it in: it will stay in the soil ready to work when moisture is available. Want to learn more? Here are some other benefits of using Milorganite:

It’s a slow-release formula. Milorganite’s formula provides nitrogen and other important nutrients for up to ten weeks after you apply it. Perfect for even growth and strong root development, it’s one of the best defenses against weeds in your lawn! Slow release is also better for the environment because plants use the nutrients at a rate that is less likely to reach groundwater. Want to offer plants and flowers even and gradual nutrition? Try this slow release formula.

Feeds your soil organic matter. We all know that healthy soil equals healthy plants! Milorganite is composed of 85% organic matter, successfully nourishing the plant and feeding the soil microbes. It also doesn’t “leach”, which means the water-soluble nutrients aren’t washed away.

Environmentally friendly. This nutrient-rich byproduct is transformed into a highly effective fertilizer and it’s one of the nation’s oldest recycling programs. Also, there are no mined resources or synthetics in milorganite. Another benefit is that it meets all safety requirements, complies with all federal and local limits, making this product ideal for all of your fertilizing needs.

Joe’s Market Basket is proud to be a retailer for Milorganite Organic Fertilizer. If you have further questions about this product or want to talk to one of our experts about any of your gardening or landscaping projects, give us a call or stop by any one of our four locations in Edwardsville, Godfrey, O’Fallon and Troy, Illinois. We are happy to help.