Landscape Rock and Pavers

You can set the tone of your outdoor spaces with certain styles and colors of rock and decorative pavers. We are often asked about shades and colors that suite outdoor landscapes best. Overall, keeping a cohesive look to your landscaping so it complements your exterior brick and siding works best. At Joe’s Market Basket, we offer a large selection of landscape rocks and pavers in different styles and colors so you can create a custom look for your home.

When it’s time to choose the color and shape of your landscaping brick, rock and/or retaining walls, think about the overall appearance you are trying to achieve. Bolder colors work quite well for making a statement but can also be used for accents to your exterior. When you keep your exterior brick and rock uniform throughout, you can add a blast of color and interest to your landscape with trees, plants and other decorative touches. It’s much easier to change out a Knock-out Rose bush than it is to swap out a retaining wall! As the saying goes, sometimes “less is more”.

However; there is no right or wrong answer when decorating your landscape with rock. Joe’s Market Basket offers decorative rock and pavers from Romanstone, Keystone and Versa-lok. We can deliver bulk rock to your front door or fill up your work-truck. We even offer bagged rock that covers approximately 4 square feet of surface per bag. No matter what you choose, we have a huge selection of rock and pavers to complete your landscaping project.

Before you start landscaping this spring, contact one of the experts at our Edwardsville, Godfrey, O’Fallon, Troy, Illinois and St. Peters, Missouri locations. Let us help you make your next project one of the best ones yet! Give us a call today or find us online at