March Madness for Birdhouses!

If you are a birdwatcher, you know that your resident birds are starting to stake out their territory and look for mates. This month, migrant birds will be returning from their winter territory and will be getting ready to build a nest. March is the ideal time to make a new nest for your bird neighbors. And don’t worry – if you neglect to put up a birdhouse this spring, any time you install one this summer will certainly be appreciated by our feathered-friends!

If you’ve never owned birdhouses before, you may wonder if it’s necessary to provide nesting material for the birds so they have a nice start at adjusting to their new home. The good news is that birds can find nesting material on their own and will have their new, protective shelter ready to go in no time. However, offering nesting materials nearby, especially if your yard lacks a lot of trees and natural resources, is a good idea to consider.

Certain birdhouses attract different kinds of birds. Chickadees prefer their houses on a small stand or small tree, while bluebirds like a habitat with a lot of insects, ideally having the house facing or surrounded by open fields. It’s important to do your research on the best birdhouse for the particular species you are trying to attract. Typical requirements for birdhouses range from an installation of 5 to 30 feet above the ground and placed where enemies can’t invade or harm them. No matter where the location is, birdhouses should be placed at least 25 feet apart.

Market Basket offers birdhouses for many species, whether bluebird, wren or chickadee! Want to learn more? Don’t hesitate to contact one of our experts at our Edwardsville, Godfrey, O’Fallon and Troy, Illinois locations or the Joe’s Market Basket in St. Peters, Missouri. If you’re looking forward to spring as much as we are, you know it’s the perfect time to start thinking about your landscape plans and the wildlife that comes with warmer weather. Give us a call today or find us online at