Paperwhites and Amaryllis Have Arrived

Stunning and easy to grow, indoor blooming bulbs like Amaryllis are classic gifts for loved ones, holiday hostesses, or even to complete your own decorating style! Lasting much longer than cut flowers, it’s a lovely addition to anyone’s décor over the holiday season – time often spent indoors entertaining and also attending parties and events. Not sure what to give as a gift this year? Look no further than amaryllis and Paperwhites! Their blooms will last throughout the season, often into the upcoming new year, too.

Of all the flowering bulbs, Paperwhites and amaryllis are the easiest to bloom. The amaryllis bulb originated in South America’s tropical region and come in different varieties. The smaller bulb of a Paperwhite is native to the Mediterranean and bears bunches of fragrant white flowers and like the amaryllis, the beautiful bulbs often flower right at Christmas time.

Thinking of purchasing these beautiful holiday bulbs as a gift? You can often find planting calendars online but typically the plants bloom after being planted within 6-10 weeks. So, if you’d like your blooms to appear right around Christmas, planting should happen on or around November 12th. You can find other informational videos at, showing some of the easiest ways to plant indoor bulbs.

Tips on Planting

When planting, always be careful of the roots. When planting amaryllis, place on top of a potting soil mixture and add more soil to cover approximately 2/3 of the bulb. Generally, it’s best to leave 1/3 of the bulb above the soil line. Then, pack the bulb to anchor it. You can even add gravel or moss as a decorative effect. For Paperwhites, more bulbs can be planted in the same pot and rule of thumb is that ½ to ¾ of the bulb should show above the surface. For both kinds of bulbs, it’s best to water sparingly.

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