Succulents Sure to Satisfy

Succulents are growing in popularity in gardens and planters across the country. This is because they are extremely easy to care for and keep alive. Even if you do not have a single shade of green in your thumb, you are likely to be able to handle and care for a succulent. With just a few simple steps, you will have a thriving succulent collection in no time.

Succulents soak up the sun. When selecting a location for your plants, make sure it is in an area that receives a great deal of sun throughout the day. When selecting a location indoors, make sure it is near a window to ensure sufficient sunlight.

Don’t worry about the water. The easiest way to kill these resilient plants is by overwatering them. For potted succulents, they need to be watered when the pot is as light as a feather when picked up. Succulents in the ground can handle little to no water as long as it rains once in a while and has a good root system. Drainage is also important to consider. Add a small amount of gravel to potted succulents to ensure drainage and plant in areas with good drainage.

Move with caution. Once planted, you should not frequently move your succulents. They adapt to the area that they are planted in and it takes quite some time for them to adapt to a new area or environment. Even if the succulents are in a pot, they still get used to the amount of sun received each day. When you choose to move your succulents, move them in stages to ensure the new environment does not shock them. Plan the location before you plant. Otherwise, you may end up having to purchase and grow a new crop.

Keep design in mind. Succulents come in all shapes, sizes and colors. While most think of strictly shades of green, there are many diverse types of succulents. Designing a beautiful succulent garden is an art. It requires the perfect mix of upward growers and groundcovers. When designing your succulent patch, make sure you keep growth in mind. Once succulents become established, they grow and expand through offshoots. They will only continue to become more thick and dense. If they become too thick or dense, your succulents can be pruned. Early spring is the best time to do this. Regular pruning can help keep your garden trim and tame.

Get creative. Pinterest is full of creative ways to plant and display succulents. Because of their versatility, succulents can be used for wall art, wreaths, interesting shapes and many others. The ease of maintenance makes it easy to get creative with the succulents.

There is no right or wrong way to start growing succulents. They are one of the easiest plants to take care of and take very little maintenance. Add a beautiful, trendy touch to your landscaping today.

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