The Tradition of Grave Blankets

When the weather is sunny and warm, many of us will visit the gravesite where a loved one is buried carrying flowers and wreaths for placement at the site. It’s a nice way to remember a loved one and celebrate their memory. During the cold winter months, placement of a grave blanket is another beautiful way to honor a loved one’s final resting place and the décor can last all winter long.

Although the tradition of grave blankets and historical relevance is uncertain, what we do know for sure is that it’s an extension of darning the gravesite in the winter months with lovely colors and the smell of fresh evergreens. Adorned with colorful bows or imitation flowers, gravesite blankets are ideal gravesite markers that turn the greys of winter into something more appealing.

Joe’s Market Basket is one of the few area businesses that offer grave blankets for the graves of loved ones. Over the holiday season, many of us will visit the graves of family and friends with guests from out of town. Wouldn’t it be nice to start a new tradition with others and visit the cemetery with a grave blanket in hand? It’s a wonderful way of marking the place of rest without permanently affecting the landscape, offering you the ability to change the gravesite as the seasons change. Just make sure the cemetery allows grave blankets at the site of your loved one and any specifications they may have on anchoring the blankets so they do not blow over into other areas.

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