What Plants Repel Insects?

While some insects are beneficial to the life and growth of plants, some insects can be very harmful to the plants supplying your family with the organic fruits and vegetables they love. Insects such as grasshoppers, aphids, earwigs, and many other predators can eat away at plants until they die. Here is a list of some plants that can repel harmful insects.

Lavender. Not only do lavender plants provide a soothing fragrance, they also repel moths, fleas, mosquitos, and other harmful insects. You can place tied bouquets in your house to keep flies outside, or plant it in sunny areas of your garden and let its sweet smell repel insects that are harming your plants. The lovely color and inviting fragrance of lavender is a crowd pleaser!

Mint. Mint is most effectively grown in pots because it spreads rapidly and can be difficult to remove in a garden. Did you know that cuttings of mint mixed in with mulch can help preserve broccoli, cabbage, and turnips from harmful biting insects?

Catnip. Catnip is one of the most effective plants that repel the greatest number of harmful insects. Catnip repels ants, flea beetles, aphids, the Japanese beetle, squash bugs, weevils, Colorado potato beetles, cabbage loopers, and cockroaches. Just place small amounts of the plant in places where insects have been present, and your garden will thank you for it. So will your pet cats!

Basil. Basil is not only one of the most useful culinary herbs, but effectively repels flies, moths, and mosquitos. During your next backyard barbeque, place a container of basil next to your grill and outdoor dining table to prevent insects from spoiling your outdoor fun. Smells lovely and looks nice, too.

Marigolds. The scent from various types of marigolds repels aphids, mosquitos, and even rabbits from damaging your beloved garden. This beautiful, orange-petaled flower is also the perfect addition to decks, flowerbeds, and gardens.

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