Why Root Stimulator & Plant Starter Solution WORKS

Ferti-lome offers gardeners a wide variety of products, making every planting job easier. Typically used initially when planting, Root Stimulator and Plant Starter will help your tree or shrub develop and flourish, with a strong and healthy root system. When your plant has healthy roots, it’s going to be healthier overall.

Root stimulators like the one by Ferti-lome is to be used around non-edible trees, shrubs and ornamentals. Ideal for roses, annuals, and perennials, it works wonders to stimulate early root formation and stronger root development. It also can reduce transplant shock and promote greener, more vigorous plants.

Why is Ferti-lome so effective? Ferti-lome’s Root Stimulator also includes B-1, indole rebutyric acid and a wetting agent. When you plant with Ferti-lome, you are feeding the roots and also helping to feed the entire plant as it grows to its fullest potential.

It’s always important to read and then follow the directions when using a root stimulator. When planting flowers, shrubs and trees, use 3-1/2 tablespoons per gallon of water. Mix 1-8 pints per plant transplanted. For House Plants, use 1/2 cup per quart of soil (a 6-inch pot holds approximately 1 quart of soil).

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