Celebrate the Earth This Month and Every Month with These 5 Recycled Garden Ideas

With Earth Day happening in April, we are reminded to be more aware of our environment and how we contribute to it. Green living and recycling are the norms now, so here are five ideas for incorporating some everyday items you may have lying around or going to the trash into your gardening.

People overlook the many ways an old wooden pallet can be used. They can be painted as American flags or numerous other holiday themes and then used as planting systems for small outdoor foliage. Pallets can also become raised garden beds if you stack and secure them. Add the proper soil and your favorite plants, flowers, or vegetables. Hint: This also creates vertical garden space. Joe’s Market Basket locations have the soil and hundreds of plants to choose from to complete this look.

For a rustic look, scour around for any old bricks, stones, or pieces of concrete to use to create your own pathways. It’s okay if you can only find a few. Let them be your guide and pick up the extra at any Joe’s Market Basket location or here. Even though the stones will help prevent erosion, you can still check with our friendly staff to discuss your soil’s needs.

Plastic Bags
Before you throw the sandwich bag away after lunch, use it as a means to start a new plant. Place a plant cutting into it and add a bit of water for it to root. Zip the bag 90% and hang it somewhere using clothes pins. Voila! An immediate way to watch your plant roots grow and a lovely way to teach the kids science. Leave it in the bag until the roots are strong enough to be planted.

Tin Cans
Believe it or not, tin cans come in handy when you’re working in the garden. Use those marked for the trash as seed scoopers for compost potting when starting seeds or for regular soil when planting in your garden or containers. The cans can also be filled with wild bird seed and used to pour into feeders. For our selection of bird seeds and feeders, click here.

Old containers really have a plethora of useful options. Broken clay pots can be broken down even more to create beautiful mosaic designs. Repurposing buckets and wooden crates as planters is another popular idea, so long as they have adequate soil and holes for drainage. Personally, I have even used my daughter’s old rain boots as flower planters and they turned out perfectly cute by my front door! Wine bottles can also be used to create edging if they are partially buried upside-down along borders. For more traditional edging and retaining wall ideas click here.

It can be very fun and rewarding to find old trash and give it a new home as a treasure. Don’t be afraid to explore your waste for inklings of creativity. Let your imagination and vision guide you to your one-of-a-kind oasis. Visit any one of our five locations to let us help you along.

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