Add Visual Interest with Landscape Rock and Pavers

Decorative rocks and paver stones are considered just as important as the flowers and foliage you choose to adorn your landscape with. They may not be as conventionally “pretty” as colorful blooms, but the right style can complement your yard to perfection. It’s important to keep an overall cohesive look that counters your home’s exterior nicely.

Think about your home’s appearance. Do you have rustic appeal? Brick retaining walls? Colored siding? Joe’s Market Basket offers a wide variety of rocks and pavers in different colors and sizes. If you would like to keep a modern, clean-cut appearance, try a natural stone aesthetic. If you’re looking to add interest and draw a focal point, try adding visual interest with patterns. Have a neutral colored home? Warm up your landscape with boldly rouge stones and vivid foliage. The options are endless!

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to decorating your yard with rock. Joe’s Market Basket is proud to offer decorative rock and pavers from Keystone, Romanstone, and Versa-lok. Worried about hauling all those heavy stones to your home? We can deliver bulk rock directly to your door, or even fill up your work-truck!

Before you start landscaping this spring, contact one of the experts at our Edwardsville, Godfrey, O’Fallon and Troy, Illinois and St. Peters, Missouri locations. Let us help you make your next project one of the best ones yet! Give us a call today or find us online at

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