Beautify Your Garden This Spring

Temperatures are starting to warm, frost is beginning to thaw, and animals are emerging from their winter beds. It’s springtime! To get your garden ready for spring, Market Basket is offering these helpful tips:

1. Clean up
During the cold, barren months of fall and winter, your garden will most likely become strewn with debris, leaves, and broken branches from being exposed to the elements. Take time to clear away this build up from your garden bed and surrounding yard, pulling out any weeds you may see along the way.

2. Prep
Get your garden bed ready for planting by prepping the soil. Use a pitchfork to turn over and aerate the soil, then add nutrients with compost or manure. This needs to be done a couple weeks before planting anything, as it will burn the roots of your new plants if it isn’t mixed with the soil well enough.

3. Plant
One of the most exciting parts of planning a garden is choosing what to plant! Vegetables, flowers, herbs - the possibilities are endless! Trending this spring are Headliner™ Sky Petunias! Available in “Night Sky” (violet color) and “Pink Sky”, these flowers boast vivid colors with eye-catching splashes of white specks, imitating the appearance of stars in the night sky. One bit of advice, though: flowers planted in an environment with especially hot days and cool nights will develop excessive white in the blooms. On the other hand, flowers grown in a consistent hot and humid environment will develop almost solid purple or pink blooms. The ideal environment for these petunias are day temperatures of 58 to 75° F and night temperatures of 52 to 62°. While seemingly temperamental, these show-stopping blooms are sure to be the star of your spring garden!

Whether you need help choosing which plant to bring home, which fertilizer is best for your yard, or just an opinion on which bird feeder matches your yard aesthetic, the associates at Market Basket are ready to help you with your every need. For more information about planning your spring garden, visit your local Joe’s Market Basket store or visit

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