Deer Resistant Annuals

While wild animals can be fun for the whole family to see right in your backyard, wildlife like deer can be destructive to the gardens you spent hours perfecting. A great way to keep a beautiful garden safe is by planting deer-resistant annuals that both look great and discourage deer from munching on them throughout the year. Joe’s Market Basket has plenty of deer-resistant annuals to keep the cuddly, but destructive, animals from munching away.

Snapdragons offer a plethora of color choices to fit any space, and their variance in height means even more customization tailored to your garden. Snapdragons boast a unique look and like to bloom in cool temperatures during the spring and fall.

Persian Shield
Persian shield sports a leafy look, and deer tend to stay away from the plant’s texture. A great compliment to flowers, Persian shield also gives off a deep purple color that’s pleasing to the eye.

Marigolds grow with rich, vibrant colors, and there are many different types so you can choose the one that best fits your garden no matter the shape or size. Marigolds are also easy to grow, making them one of the best choices as a deer-resistant annual.

Sweet Alyssum
Sweet alyssum is known for its versatility and can be planted anywhere from the ground to pots and containers. Sweet alyssum is also famous for its fragrance and is easy to spot with its small but very plentiful blooms.

Spider Flower
Spider flowers are the perfect plant for adding height to your deer-resistant garden while also showing off nice color. While keeping deer off, spider flowers attract plenty of pollinators, which is good for the rest of the yard.

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