Fresh Greenery is the Best Greenery

holiday-greenery-thumbFresh Greenery is the Best Greenery

traditional ways of decorating the home in the festive holiday spirit


Fresh Greenery is the Best Greenery

Fresh holiday decorations not only make your home look festive, but they also surround your living spaces with wonderful smells too! Most of us have memories of freshly cut Christmas trees, holiday garland on the mantle, and wreaths on front doors from childhood. Keeping fresh cut holiday decor looking its best can be tricky since heated homes and wreaths hung on doors in freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on their natural beauty. So, what do you do?

Martha Stewart recommends conditioning the cuttings on the wreath and garland decor first. Once that is done, treat them with an anti-desiccant spray that is often sold at nurseries like our own. Not only will this help the greenery keep its moisture, it will also seal the pores on the leaves and bark.

It's also important to keep fresh greenery including Christmas trees away from direct sunlight and heat sources, like a wood-burning fireplace. Have a perfect spot for that beautiful 9' Christmas Tree, right in front of the window? That's okay but it's best to close any heat vents nearby and check water daily to make sure the tree is getting enough "to drink". If your greenery doesn't have a water source like that of a tree, carefully use a spray bottle full of water daily to mist the decor. This will keep it looking better, longer.

If you want to maximize that lovely fragrance in your home, Martha Stewart also recommends a combination of "aromatic evergreens" like pine, cedar and eucalyptus. You can mix these plants like you would a bouquet of flowers, misting them daily as well for the best results.

Generally, indoor greenery will look good for two weeks but with some extra care, possibly even longer.

At Market Basket, we believe traditional ways of decorating the home is a wonderful way to usher in the festive holiday spirit and new year. We are proud of our exceptional garland, wreath, and Christmas Tree selection this holiday season and look forward to helping you make a "home for the holidays" that is personalized, inviting and memorable for you and your loved ones.

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