Go WILD for Wild Birds

wild-for-wild-birds-thumbGo Wild for Wild Birds!

You don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to enjoy the beauty and elegance of wild birds.

wild-for-wild-birds-largeYou don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to enjoy the beauty and elegance of wild birds. Bird watching can happen right from your kitchen window! 

Want to share knowledge while sharing time with your grandkids?

Buy a bird watching book and next time your grandkids are over try to spot the various birds in our area, making your afternoon not only fun but educational. Interested in learning more about bird watching? Here are a few common questions Market Basket hears when customers come to us wanting to buy bird seed and supplies.

Do you have to feed your wild birds all year long?

No, it’s not necessary. Birds need more sustenance during certain times in the year. Temperature extremes and migration in late winter and early spring are the best times to consider bird seed feed for your wild birds. Right now is a great time to visit Market Basket and consult with us about which seed works best in your particular situation.

My birds collide with my windows, what can I do?

Jokingly, we tell our customers not to wash their windows! However, the best alternative is to either place feeders within 3 feet of the windows or beyond 30 feet. This will help deter collisions. Some customers place streamers outside their windows or static-cling decals that reflect ultraviolet light visible only to birds.

What type of bird seed should I offer?

Black oil sunflower seed is high in fat and ideal for this time of year (all year long really). Visit Joe’s Market Basket and any member of our staff can help you decide based on which birds you’d like to attract as well as the best seed for the season. There are many options available including suet cakes, cracked corn and even peanuts! Market Basket offers different types of quality seed for your specific needs.

Visit one of our four locally owned and operated Joe’s Market Baskets, offering wild bird seed feed as well as bird feeders and other supplies. It’s time to start enjoying the many beautiful wild birds our area has to offer!



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