Grow A Juice Garden

Staying on top of your fruit and vegetable intake can be tough at times, but an easy way to make sure you’re hitting your nutritional goals is by starting a juice garden.

Blending up concoctions of different leafy greens, succulent vegetables and vibrant fruits means great-tasting juices that also pack a nutritional punch. Growing them all yourself saves money and boosts your juice’s flavor. Here are some of the best fruits and vegetables to use for juicing:

Carrots boast a mild but sweet flavor, allowing them to blend perfectly into a variety of juices. Carrots are known for their keeping the eyes healthy while also providing plenty of other good benefits for your entire body.

Kale comes stocked with multiple vitamins, and its high level of antioxidants makes it a must in juices. Another vegetable with a mild flavor, kale can blend right in even for those who aren’t the biggest fan when eating kale by itself.

Aside from giving your juice a vibrant color, beets pack in Vitamin C and A for nutritional gains. Beets add an earthy flavor into your juice, making them balance perfectly with sweeter ingredients.

Tomatoes supply your juice with a plethora of vitamins and minerals while making a perfect ingredient in vegetable-based recipes. Tomatoes are also one of the easiest vegetables to grow, making them abundant for juicing.

Chocked full of vital nutrients like Vitamin C, iron and more, spinach is a must-have in a juicing garden. Spinach grown in a home garden exhibits vibrant flavors not always found in store-bought varieties.

Basil is rich in flavor and adds an extra bit of deliciousness to your juices. Packed with vitamin K and easy to grow, basil is a vital part of any juicer’s home garden.

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