Heat Tolerant Plants

Heat Tolerant Plants
Bloom All Summer

Here's a list of just a few of the heat tolerant plants we carry.


Ice Plant – A very hardy plant, this exceptionally drought tolerant succulent has needle-like leaves and fluorescent purple flowers. Used often as an evergreen groundcover, it’s a beautiful choice when deciding on your customized landscaping. A single plant can spread to 2' wide.

Salvia – Also known as sage, there are many options available in the Salvia plant. Hardy and easy to grow, their long-lasting blooms come in a variety of colors: bright blues, violets, yellow, pinks, and reds.

Veronica – Looking for an easy and unchallenging plant for a groundcover? Veronica may be the perfect match! Ask a Market Basket Specialist about the varieties, often with showy purplish or violet blue blooms, pink, or white flowers.  Regular removing of dead ends extends bloom time.

Hypericum – Also called St. John’s Wart, this erosion control plant can also be invasive in your landscaping. This perennial has many flowers, usually 25-100 per stem, and is its uses are limited. Ask a Market Basket Specialist for more information.  

Crepe Myrtle – With a wide range of varieties, sizes, and colors, consult your Market Basket Specialist for more information on this hardy family of trees and shrubs. The Crepe Myrtle grows quite quickly and can thrive without too much fertilizer, water, and TLC.

Cone Flower- Called purple coneflower as well, this easy to grow and attractive plant draws a large variety of birds and butterflies that will amaze! This plant grows large flowers, similar to a daisy in appearance, and spreads with ease. Hybrids have introduced other colors and shades in the yellow, orange, burgundy, and cream variations.

Black-Eyed Susan – Deer resistant and drought tolerant, this hardy plant works well in many applications. With yellow petals and a black circular center, they can grow 2-10 feet tall, depending on the type you prefer.

Sedum – This perennial plant is beautiful, hardy, and enticing to butterflies and honey bees. Needing very little care, they grow 2 inches to 2 feet tall, depending on the variety. Many colors and numerous uses, visit one of our garden centers today to find your favorite!

Coreopsis – Another daisy-like perennial in appearance, the Coreopsis’ bushy appearance may serve you well if you’re looking to achieve a more “rugged” look to your landscaping. Sun-loving and easy to grow,  they also have a long bloom time.



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