It’s Time to “Get in Step” With Scott’s 4-Step Program

Joe’s Market Basket will be stocking the Scott’s 4-Step Program in the upcoming days, a product that does an exceptional job to help homeowners create the yard of their dreams! Don’t neglect your yard this spring! With the Scott’s 4-Step Program and some TLC, your yard can quickly become the envy of all your neighbors. The 4-Step Program is the most requested lawn care plan and it’s easy to follow. Want a perfect spot to spend the long summer days and warm summer nights? Joe’s Market Basket can help. Follow these steps to achieve a perfect lawn!

Step 1: Crabgrass Preventer + Lawn Food
Apply Step 1 in early spring, anytime between February and April (and ideally before Easter). Temperatures during these months are still cool, usually under 80 degrees. With Step 1, crabgrass is prevented before it can even germinate! Step 1 also feeds a winter-weary lawn, helping it to be greener. Everyone loves a lush, green lawn! Two different sizes offered.

Step 2: Weed Control + Lawn Food
Weed control and lawn food stops those pesky dandelions from growing. The best time to apply Step 2 is in late spring, between the months of April and June. Make sure you wait between 4-6 weeks after applying Step 1. Step 2 does a great job killing weeds like dandelions while feeding and nourishing your lawn. It’s also best to apply Step 2 on a calm day with a damp lawn, but do not apply it when rain is expected in the upcoming 24 hours.

Step 3: Lawn Food with 2% Iron
Looking for an even greener lawn? Step 3 does just that! This mid-season boost is best between June and August, close to Independence Day. For best results, water after application if rain is not in the forecast. Spot treat weeds on an “as-needed” basis. Step 3 does an awesome job feeding and strengthening the lawn against the summer heat and any droughts.

Step 4: Fall Lawn Food
Not only does Step 4 make your yard greener, it helps make it stronger and protects it for a better lawn when spring rolls around again. The timing for applying Step 4 is ideal 6 weeks after Step 3 and in between the months of August and November. You can apply Step 4 from Labor Day until mid-October and water regularly to speed greening.

Do you want to learn more about the Scotts 4-Step Program? Please visit any of our locations and don’t hesitate to talk to a team member in Edwardsville, Godfrey, O’Fallon, and Troy, Illinois. Our St. Peters, Missouri location will re-open in March. You can also find contact numbers on our website at

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