Keep Your Lawn Looking Green With High Quality Lawn Seed

It may be a bit too early to think about lawn care, but before we know it the days will be longer, warmer and landscaping supplies will be on our shopping list. Caring for your lawn is a lot easier when you use quality lawn products, and one of the best grass seeds on the market today is the Champion 3+3 Fescue Blend.

America’s Favorite Champion lawn seed offers homeowners a lush green lawn appearance, resistance against many diseases and withstands all climates. If you are looking for one of the best lawn seeds available, the Champion 3+3 Fescue Blend is also 99.9% weed free and made in the USA.

Choosing which lawn seeds to use is easy when Joe’s Market Basket has quality products to choose from. The America’s Favorite Champion 3+3 Fescue Blend, when used with proper lawn maintenance and watering, will make your yard the envy of the entire neighborhood. Turn to the experts at Market Basket for planting tips, soil prep and more when choosing your lawn seed. Champion 3+3 is a blend of six, top-rated turf fescues, deep rooting and formulated perfectly for Midwest lawns.

Looking for the best lawn seed? You’ll love the best lawn seeds dark green color, high traffic and drought tolerance attributes that make this lawn seed a top performer time and time again! To learn more about lawn seed and care, visit your local Joe’s Market Basket stores located in Edwardsville, Godfrey, Troy and O’Fallon, or visit

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