Milorganite Fertilizer

milorganite smallMilorganite Fertilizer

A plush green lawns. A delicate rose bush. A sturdy tomato stalk. All made vibrant with Milorganite.

Milorganite Fertilizer

A plush green lawn. A delicate rose bush. A sturdy tomato stalk. They’re as different as can be. But they’re all made vibrant with Milorganite—America’s favorite organic nitrogen fertilizer.

PROVEN. Trusted by golf course professionals and homeowners for over 85 years, Milorganite is the choice for slow- release organic nitrogen to grow the best turf and bountiful gardens. Both researchers and users affirm Milorganite’s quality and consistent results.

GOOF PROOF APPLICATION – WON’T BURN. Milorganite is an all-purpose organic nitrogen fertilizer composed primarily of heat-dried microbes that can be used on lawns, shrubs, trees, flowers, and vegetables. Milorganite can be applied any time during the growing season and is suitable for any climate. Milorganite contains virtually no chemical salts, so it won’t burn plants or scorch lawns even in the hottest temperatures and driest conditions.

DOESN’T HAVE TO BE WATERED-IN. Milorganite doesn’t need to be watered in after application. It’s ready to work when moisture arrives, making it ideal for areas with water restrictions.

IRON FOR ENHANCED GREENING. Iron is essential to make plants green. Greening power is what you’ll get from Milorganite— our 4% iron is organically complex and readily absorbed by plants. Milorganite even works in poor soils, regardless of soil pH, and will NOT stain nearby walks, patios, drives, fences or walls.

SLOW-RELEASE – FEEDS 8-10 WEEKS. Milorganite releases its minerals and nutrients slowly over an 8 to 10 week period. The fertilizer feeds the grass and soil on a constant basis resulting in uniform growth and a well- established root system. It’s great for all soil types and adds organic matter.

SEEDING WITH MILORGANITE. Add Milorganite when seeding for a fast-developing lawn. The slowly available nitrogen releases as the seedlings need it. The non-leaching phosphorus is available to immature roots to aid in giving energy to support fast growth, and won’t burn tender seedlings.

SAFE FOR CHILDREN AND PETS. Milorganite is tested daily and surpasses the EPA’s “Exceptional Quality” standards--the most stringent safety regulations in the fertilizer industry. Children and pets can safely go onto areas that have been fertilized with Milorganite.

NON-LEACHING PHOSPHOROUS. Research indicates that Milorganite provides phosphorous, an essential nutrient for plant growth, without the leaching that is typical of mined phosphorous sources. Milorganite’s slow release formula stays in the root zone. Milorganite’s phosphorus is more readily available for plant uptake and less likely to move into groundwater, lakes, and streams.

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