Prepping Your Landscaping for Cold, Winter Months

The weather is changing and before we know it, we will be starting fires in the fireplace and prepping our homes and cars for potential snowstorms.

If you haven’t already started thinking about your yard and landscaping, now is the time to prep your lawn so it’s ready for next year. There are some easy tips to remember that will help you maintain a healthy landscape during the upcoming cold, winter months ahead.

Rake ‘em up! It’s important to keep leaves off of your lawn. When they sit too long on your yard’s surface, it prevents the sun’s rays from reaching your grass underneath. This results in a lawn that has brown spots instead of one that is the envy of your neighbors! So, put on that Fitbit and rake! It’s great exercise...and it’s great for your lawn.

Not too’s time to prune! Start trimming those perennials like hostas, liriope and peonies. Shrubs and hedges can be pruned, too. Have evergreen and deciduous trees in your backyard? Go ahead, prune away! It’s best to inspect the plant and cut back only failing or dead branches. You can also consult one of the experts at Joe’s Market Basket if you have questions about what to prune and the best recommended technique to use. Have power lines above ground? Take a walk around your yard to see if any dead limbs could potentially be problematic over the winter. Most utility companies will come out and trim for you to avoid a future outage. It’s worth the call!

Inspect and protect. Once you examine your landscaping plants, it’s time to protect. Tie up (loosely) evergreens and boxwoods to prevent snow damage. After a snowstorm, it’s best to be gentle when trying to remove any snow and ice from the branches. Frozen branches are extremely fragile and can be damaged. It’s also best to protect early flowering plants like rhododendrons, azaleas and camellias. Simply stake and then cover them with burlap if severe weather is on the way.
The other stuff. Winterize your automated irrigation system, ensure water spigots are turned off and protected, and remove any leftover gardening chemicals and mulch, tucking them away in a place where they won’t freeze over the winter months. It’s also an ideal time to winterize your tools. You can use linseed oil on wood handles and sharpen blades with an oily cloth to prevent rusting.

Need more winterizing tips for your lawn and garden? Joe’s Market Basket can offer additional tips, helping you decide what may work best for your specific needs. The experts at our Edwardsville, Godfrey, O’Fallon and Troy, Illinois locations are here to make your gardening and landscaping projects a breeze, no matter the weather. Give us a call today or find us online at

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