Spring Gardening: 8 Unusual Planting Tips You Can't Miss

From gardening in the dark to using egg shells in the garden we wanted to share these 8 unusual planting tips from an article in the Huffington Post.

 By Kathryn Kattalia of the Huffington Post

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Ever notice how some people just seem to have that special touch when it comes to spring gardening? Their flowers end up blooming faster, their vegetables growing bigger, and there never seems to be a weed in sight. Not all of us were born with green thumbs, but that doesn't mean we can't have fuller, healthier gardens. It doesn't take fancy tools, expensive products or even special skills to get your plants to thrive -- just a few helpful tips you would never guess to do on your own.

From the positioning tip that leads to better-tasting veggies to why you should plant by the light of the moon, help your garden flourish this year by following these 8 unusual steps, perfect for flower beds and vegetable patches alike. Have some tried and true tricks to add to the mix?

Cucumbers Are Sweeter When Planted Near Sunflowers – It may seem like an odd pairing, but sunflowers make great growing companions when it comes to planting sweeter cucumbers. Not only do both plants require similar soil conditions, the tall stalks of the sunflowers give cucumber plants something supportive to climb.

Use Egg Shells As Fertilizer - Rich in calcium carbonate, dried egg shells work as a great natural fertilizer. Try crushing them up in a blender before throwing them in your garden to enrich the soil.

Water Plants With Chamomile Tea  - Chamomile tea is great for keeping your plants healthy. Use it when watering to ward off bacterial and fungal infections and to prevent young seedlings from damping off. Just make sure the tea is completely cooled off first before you use it.

Plant In Odd Numbers - To make your garden look more balanced and pleasing to the eye, be sure to plant in odd numbers. This composition looks more natural than even numbered groupings and gives off the illusion that plants are bigger and healthier.

Plant Crocuses Near Lavender - Protect your crocuses by planting lavender nearby. Birds are more attracted to the fragrant flower, and it will prevent them from pecking away at your blooming bulbs.

Garden By Moonlight - Night owls, rejoice! Experts say that planting by the light of the moon actually causes gardens to grow faster and stronger than they do if you plant by day. An added bonus? Moonlight gardening also minimizes water waste.

Consider Plant Placement- Keep your shorter plants on the south side of your vegetable garden and tall plants toward the north. This will prevent taller plants from casting unwanted shadows over smaller crops, shading them from the sun.

Use Cooking Water For Plants - The water you use to cook pasta or boil vegetables is full of left over vitamins and nutrients. Instead of throwing it away, let it cool to room temperature and then use it to water you plants. You'll be left with a happier, greener garden.


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