Start Seeds for Spring

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Starting seeds inside is a great way to prepare for spring as winter drags on. Giving them this head start, means they can grow larger and have better harvests or flowering periods once you get them in the ground. And the best part? It’s so easy! Here are 5 seed starting tips to know before you get started.

  • Start Simple - While you’re learning how seed starting works, there is no need to bite off more than you can chew. It isn’t a complicated process, but starting with no more than a couple dozen plants in three or four varieties will keep you from getting overwhelmed.
  • Get the Right Tools - Find a good growing medium and container. Start seeds in a fresh, sterile seed-starting mix that is light and fluffy, so it will hold the right amount of moisture. As for a container, anything with drainage holes will work, but there are specially-designed seed starting kits that include everything you need.
  • Let the Light InSeedlings need plenty of light to keep them healthy. A sunny, south-facing window is a great option, but you could also opt for artificial grow lights or another sunny spot.
  • Watch the Weather - Although a few plants can go outside earlier, most should stay inside until the lst frost date has passed and the soil has warmed.
  • Harden Off - “Hardening off” is the process of gradually introducing your plants to the sun. Expose them to the sun for one hour or more each day for a week. When they’re not in the sunlight, bring them to a protected outdoor location, and if there will be frost at night, bring them inside. After that week, they will have adjusted and be ready to plant!

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