Winter Tips for Green Spring

As the winter chill settles in, many homeowners may be tempted to retreat indoors and leave their lawns to the whims of the season. However, this dormant period is an excellent opportunity to lay the groundwork for a vibrant and healthy spring garden. At Joe's Market Basket, your local nursery with five convenient locations, we understand the importance of winter lawn care. Keep reading for tips you can take now to ensure your lawn is ready to burst into life come spring.

Clean and Aerate Your Lawn

The first step is to remove all the leaves so that you can aerate your lawn allowing oxygen, water, and nutrients to penetrate the soil more effectively. This helps to create a healthy environment for introducing new grass seed.

Overseed Your Lawn

Don’t be shy, embrace overseeding. Overseeding helps improve your lawn's resilience and promotes a lush, green carpet when spring arrives. The final step in ensuring a lush lawn is to apply a slow-release fertilizer next spring.

Protect Your Plants From Harsh Cold

Use mulch or burlap wraps to protect vulnerable plants from harsh winter conditions. This extra layer of protection helps insulate plants and prevents winter burn, ensuring they emerge healthy and vibrant in the spring.

Prune to Promote Growth

Pruning promotes healthy growth and prevents potential issues caused by dead or diseased branches. So trim back overgrown branches and shape shrubs and trees during the winter.

At Joe's Market Basket, we believe that a thriving lawn begins with thoughtful care during the winter months. By investing time and effort now, you set the stage for a vibrant and healthy garden that will be the envy of the neighborhood come spring. Visit our five convenient locations or for expert advice, quality products, and everything you need to make your outdoor oasis flourish in the seasons ahead.

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