Tree Planting Guide, Tips & Service

From Sweet Gums and Maples to Dogwoods and Magnolias, we have a wonderful selection of trees to fit the needs of every landscape in the St. Louis Metro East. After walking through the rows of trees and seeing all of the choices, you make your selection. Now what? How will you get it home in your car? Who will help you plant it? Are there any guarantees when making an investment in a tree for your yard or property?

Don't worry. Joe’s Market Basket can help with our tree planting guide, tips & service. If you are ready to take your tree at the time of purchase, that’s great! If not, our tree planting experts will hold your tree or shrub until the day of planting, deliver it to your planting site and then plant the tree to its recommended specifications. Best of all, our trees and shrubs have a one-year replacement only guarantee (planting fee not included).

So how much is our tree planting service?

Market Basket will plant trees and shrub for half of the original retail price of the plant plus delivery fee. A minimum planting fee of $75.00 applies. Allow up to 1 week for planting. Market Basket will hold all plants until the time of delivery.

Removal: Dead or existing plants must be removed from the planting site prior to Market Basket planting. We DO NOT remove trees and shrubs.

Guarantee: All trees and shrubs have a 1 year replacement only. Planting fee is not included.

All tree and shrub deliveries will be placed on the drive or near the planting site. Market Basket will not place plants in the “hole” or landscape bed.

*Market Basket will subcontract the planting to one of our reputable landscape contractors. Typically, this is done on a “when available” basis which may include evenings after regular business hours. We do not make appointments. All plantings are done using a walk-behind tractor with an auger. Typically 4’ is required to maneuver to the planting site. This often limits areas in which we can plant. Berms and landscape beds are often not accessible. Please discuss planting site prior to purchase.

Why Plant a Tree?

Trees serve a variety of purposes in your landscaping. They:

  • Provide food and shelter for wildlife
  • Promote plant diversity
  • Provide shade
  • Create privacy or a sense of enclosure
  • Define boundaries
  • Screen unwanted views
  • Muffle noise
  • Provide a focal point in the landscape

Choosing the Right Tree
Whatever your needs, there are many factors to consider before selecting the perfect tree.

Mature size and growth rate
Many factors, including soil, moisture, and hardiness affect tree size. A tree in its native habitat may reach 100 feet, whereas growing in your home landscape it may only reach 35 to 40 feet.

Types of shade
The leaf and branching patterns of different tree species produce different kinds of shade. At maturity, some will create fairly deep shade, limiting what will grow beneath them, while others may create a light, filtered shade.

Ornamental traits
Some trees develop outstanding bark, have showy fruit, flowers, or foliage, or attractive fall color. Many trees, however, drop flowers, seeds, or nuts, which may be a maintenance consideration if the tree is planted near a patio, deck, entry, walk, or driveway.